Catching Up

Wow, it’s been a minute since I posted anything up on here!

I have lots of exciting updates, so buckle in! First, I got some remarkable artwork of the characters in The Daffodil Witch from artist Yultuzay Star!

Oliver and Beaumont:

Oliver and Beaumont

And Lady Roksana:

Lady Roksana

Are those not PHENOMENAL!? I’m so in love, she managed to capture them EXACTLY as I pictured them! Next, I will be commissioning her for Finley Green!

I have also started up a Patreon and moved my weekly serial Pride and Prejudice to it. I offer a bunch of fun rewards, so please go check it out!


And my latest update is that I will be publishing my first story, a dark fantasy novella titled The Unseelie Prince on my birthday, November 15th!! Of COURSE, I will post a ton about it on here, and have links and maybe even a buy link if I can figure it out! I will also be offering a free e-copy of the novella to all my patrons once it comes out! 🙂 It will be available in ebook AND print, and maybe someday even audio…?

Hopefully, now that life is a tiny bit less chaotic I can get back to posting on here more often!

Love you all,


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