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The Unseelie Prince – RELEASED TODAY!

It’s November 15th!! Do you know what that means?!


But, even MORE exciting, it’s The Unseelie Prince‘s birthday, too!!

Look at the AMAZING gift my best friend/sister from another mister sent me! ❤

Katie Abdou

The Unseelie Prince

Today, you can buy a copy on! You can order a copy for your e-reader for $2.99, or read it for FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited! OR, if you’re a book collector like me, you can buy a physical print copy for $7.99! If you buy it in print, you will be able to download the e-book for FREE.

That’s right 🙂 I set it up so that anyone who buys the book in print, automatically has free access to the e-book as well! Also, if you click on the “look inside” feature under the e-book, you can actually read the whole first chapter before you even buy!

AND since I love you all so much, here is a peek at the first beautiful illustration by the insanely talented Felix Avenier!!

Image 1

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