10 Microns Can Change Your Life

I ♥ Nursing

A single bacterium tends to range in size from a fraction of a micron, to 10 microns. In the body, harmful bacteria can double their population in less than ten minutes. Infections start out small, and can turn dramatic very, very quickly. It’s a miracle that any of us survives in this constant rain of harmful bacteria, especially in the winter months when we’re all driven into close quarters with one another. That miracle is the immune system, and it’s an amazing thing. Sometimes, though, even it’s no match for an aggressive infection.

As a student nurse, I witnessed a patient die from a bacterial infection as ICU staff and doctors struggled to stop it ravaging their system. As a practicing nurse, I tended to patients who had to have deeply invasive surgeries due to bacterial infections, and to patients who nearly died of bacterial illness. I remained vigilant to…

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