Casper-itis: When Friends Ghost You Because They Are Now Regularly Getting Laid

I back you up 100% on this, miss Maddy!

I’ve written about this a few times on Facebook and Twitter, but maybe it’s time for an official blog post of my own on this topic!

For now, check out Maddy’s post and while you’re add it, give her a follow!

Carpe Capulus

This is a public service announcement.

I’m thinking this subject hits home for at least a few of
you out there (am I right, @kaitlynabdou / Twitter). Of course, OF COURSE, when
one falls in love, they can get swept away in it! Finally, they have found the peanut butter,
to their jelly. The Sonny to their Cher…no
wait, they got divorced. The Captain, to their Tennille. Shit, no, they got
divorced too! OK the Barbara to their GHW Bush! Hah! Anyway! People get stoked and they may get a little quieter
in their communication, as these days, one’s thumbs can only type out a limited
amount of text messages and fb tags a day.

However, one should not DUMP their friends when they find love. I don’t mean, “I can’t hang every Friday night out now.”  I mean more like
— “new phone – who dis?” Just poof, MIA!…

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