Goodbye to my beautiful Mother

At 7:00 am Aruban time on Wednesday, February 9th, 2022, my beautiful mother Joan Abdou left this world. She went peacefully, in the place she loved most, holding my father’s hand with a smile on her face.

My mother was a fiery, formidable woman with a personality larger than life. She loved to dance, to laugh, to watch old movies, and most of all, she loved spending time with her grandchildren. Her last wish was to go to Aruba one more time and have her ashes spread there, and while we are heartbroken to have lost her, we were at least able to make her wish come true.

Since I was little, my Mom and I had a tradition. Once a year we picked a date, made popcorn watched Gone with the Wind. It was our “thing.” Before we left for Aruba, we did just this. The day after she passed, Dad and I got dinner with two of their best friends at an Italian place they loved here on the Island. Moments after we got to our table, a violinist set up next to our table and began to play the opening score to Gone with the Wind.

I knew in that instant she was at peace. My mother has always believed in guardian angels, and while I’m not a religious person, I know she was with me as that song played. I know I will grieve her loss for the rest of my life. It will never lessen, though time will surely make it easier to manage.

But I can’t think about that today, I’ll think about that tomorrow.

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