Kaitlyn describes herself as a “jack of all tramedes, master of none,” and really, nothing could be more accurate.

Kaitlyn is an award-winning costumer, award-winning writer, accomplished singer, a talented baker, the most fun auntie in the world, and a disgruntled cat mom. When she isn’t sewing, devouring a new book, baking something delicious, tripping over her cats or spending as much time as possible with her niece and nephews, she is at her writing desk.

Kaitlyn, who goes by Katie among friends and family, lives in historical Massachusetts with her three fuzzy wee dragons, Adso, Binx, and MacKenzie.

Kaitlyn joined together with a few other authors to create a facebook group for Writers of Queer Fiction. The aim of this group is to create a safe space for writers to go for advice and support and to ask sensitive questions in a non-judgemental zone. The group is not just for writers, however. They welcome all open-minded readers to join in on the discussions and feedback. The group offers a group-wide writing workshop every  Wednesday for anyone willing to share their work and accept critiques.

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