The Long Road Back

One year ago, I didn’t know if I’d ever write another book or if I’d be able to finish the one I was working on called Secret Men. Not knowing the future, I realized I had to finish Secretso the wedding came early to give my readers a completed story and the honeymoon got skipped.

It got pretty dark there for awhile. But with all the jobs I’ve had in my life, what I am is a writer. And writers have to write—even depressed—unless you’re in the very worst part.
But creating is more than can be handled and what you create sucks. So I did a project I’d always intended to do but never had time: I wrote Knees and Matchstick together. I’d also intended to put it out in paperback.
I tried to format it myself but it was overwhelming and way beyond my meager…

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Casper-itis: When Friends Ghost You Because They Are Now Regularly Getting Laid

I back you up 100% on this, miss Maddy!

I’ve written about this a few times on Facebook and Twitter, but maybe it’s time for an official blog post of my own on this topic!

For now, check out Maddy’s post and while you’re add it, give her a follow!

Carpe Capulus

This is a public service announcement.

I’m thinking this subject hits home for at least a few of
you out there (am I right, @kaitlynabdou / Twitter). Of course, OF COURSE, when
one falls in love, they can get swept away in it! Finally, they have found the peanut butter,
to their jelly. The Sonny to their Cher…no
wait, they got divorced. The Captain, to their Tennille. Shit, no, they got
divorced too! OK the Barbara to their GHW Bush! Hah! Anyway! People get stoked and they may get a little quieter
in their communication, as these days, one’s thumbs can only type out a limited
amount of text messages and fb tags a day.

However, one should not DUMP their friends when they find love. I don’t mean, “I can’t hang every Friday night out now.”  I mean more like
— “new phone – who dis?” Just poof, MIA!…

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10 Microns Can Change Your Life

I ♥ Nursing

A single bacterium tends to range in size from a fraction of a micron, to 10 microns. In the body, harmful bacteria can double their population in less than ten minutes. Infections start out small, and can turn dramatic very, very quickly. It’s a miracle that any of us survives in this constant rain of harmful bacteria, especially in the winter months when we’re all driven into close quarters with one another. That miracle is the immune system, and it’s an amazing thing. Sometimes, though, even it’s no match for an aggressive infection.

As a student nurse, I witnessed a patient die from a bacterial infection as ICU staff and doctors struggled to stop it ravaging their system. As a practicing nurse, I tended to patients who had to have deeply invasive surgeries due to bacterial infections, and to patients who nearly died of bacterial illness. I remained vigilant to…

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Hello 2019!

Carpe Capulus

Holiday Wrap-up & Coconut Oil Fails

Dear Superior Subscribers and Righteous Random Readers,

You have survived the holidays! Have your credit card statements arrived from last month yet? (OUCH.) A local radio station here is giving away “4K a day” to help people pay for their Holiday spending bills. Is this really what the early Christians had in mind when they started celebrating the birth of Jesus? Everyone going into debt for the holidays? The utter commercialism of a holiday based on the birth of a man who really just wanted us all to be good to one another in the most basic, loving, and humble ways? Am I starting to whine like Charlie Brown? Maybe.

There is a store in California called Daiso (originating from Japan). Everything in Daiso is $1.50 an item. I shit you not — there are like 100 things at any given time in Daiso that I would…

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The Unseelie Prince, AUDIOBOOK!!!

It's FINALLY HERE!! My FIRST audiobook, is LIVE and I couldn't be more excited! Liam Taylor was a pleasure to work with, and has an incredible voice! Click the image above for the link!! Want to hear a sample? Well, the audible sample link is broken, alas! BUT. I have uploaded the sample file to… Continue reading The Unseelie Prince, AUDIOBOOK!!!

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Apparent Power – RELEASED TODAY

It's TODAY!! Today, the long-anticipated dystopian novel "Apparent Power" is AVAILABLE FOR SALE! I am so insanely proud of my dear friend Dacia for all of her hard work, and for birthing this beautiful piece of literature! I really cannot say enough good things about Dacia OR her writing! If you like dystopian stories, like… Continue reading Apparent Power – RELEASED TODAY

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Dacia M. Arnold, author of the DiaZem Trilogy

Blog Tour: Dacia M. Arnold on Writing, Life, and "Apparent Power" #amwriting #blogtour #apparentpower #writerslife #writingcommunity #authorlife #dystopian

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The Unseelie Prince – RELEASED TODAY!

It's November 15th!! Do you know what that means?! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! But, even MORE exciting, it's The Unseelie Prince's birthday, too!! Look at the AMAZING gift my best friend/sister from another mister sent me! ❤ Today, you can buy a copy on Amazon.com! You can order a copy for your e-reader for $2.99, or… Continue reading The Unseelie Prince – RELEASED TODAY!